Healing women, strengthening families...

All of Lund’s treatment programs, whether residential or outpatient, are built around and focused on the specific needs of girls and women and their children. 

Licensed by the State of Vermont, we offer a comprehensive approach that includes clinical and psychiatric services, health care, education and case management to pregnant and parenting young women, their children, and other key family members. Our therapists, teachers and caseworkers not only assist women in overcoming substance abuse or mental health issues, they help them identify their strengths and maximize their potential by offering parenting education, as well as life skills and job training. 

We believe a secure, healthy woman who can support herself helps to ensure a strong, healthy family. Lund Staff are trained in and understand the importance of gender responsive treatment services.

In addition to being Vermont’s only residential treatment program for pregnant or parenting women and their children, Lund offers:

  • Transitional housing for single mothers and their children
  • On-site, State-approved high school and G.E.D. educational programs
  • Intensive parenting education and support
  • Life skills training
  • Parenting options counseling
  • Individual therapy for residents and family; couples, and group therapy provided by clinical social workers and overseen by a staff psychologist
  • Intensive substance abuse recovery programming, offering confidential, woman-focused professional substance abuse assessment, case management, consultation, treatment, referral, and after care
  • Medical case management for mother and child
  • On-site VT STARS (Step Ahead Recognition System) accredited childcare
  • Transition planning
  • Coordination of intensive support services in the community
  • Job skills training and on-site job placements through the Learning Together and Reach Up (welfare to work) programs.

All clients in Residential and Outpatient Treatment are eligible for Vermont Medicaid and Reach Up, and are required to work with the Vermont Office of Child Support.

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